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Crusader Units


Four air arms have used the F-8 Crusader: the US Navy, the US Marine Corps, the French Aéronavale and the Philippine Air Force (Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas). A few other services and organizations have also operated the Crusader, such as NASA. Here is a list of these units. Please note that the list may be incomplete and will only progressively be completed. Additional information concerning from visitors would be very welcome.

US Navy

US Marine Corps

  • VMCJ-1 "Golden Hawks"
  • VMCJ-2 "Playboys"
  • VMCJ-3 "Eyes and Ears of the Corps"
  • VMJ-4
  • H&MS-11
  • H&MS-13 "Outlaws"
  • H&MS-32
  • VMF-111 "Devil Dogs"
  • VMF-112 "Cowboys"
  • VMF-113 "Whistling Devils"
  • VMF-122 "Crusaders"
  • VMF-212 "Lancers"
  • VMF-215 "Fighting Corsairs"
  • VMF-232 "Red Devils"
  • VMF-235 "Death Angels"
  • VMF-251 "Thunderbolts"
  • VMF-312 "Checkerboards"
  • VMF-321 "Black Barons"
  • VMF-323 "Death Rattlers"
  • VMF-333 "Fighting Shamrocks"
  • VMF-334 "Falcons"
  • VMF-351
  • VMF-451 "Warlords"
  • VMF-511

French Fleet Air Arm (Aéronavale)

  • Flottille 12.F
  • Flottille 14.F

Philippine Air Force (Hukbong Himpapawid ng Pilipinas)

  • 7th Tactical Fighter Squadron


  • NASA