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VMCJ-1 "Golden Hawks"

Squadron history:

Marine Composite Reconnaissance Squadron One received itss first F8U-1P in 1958 while based at MCAS El Toro. The unit was heavily involved in the Vietnam war, operating from carriers as well as land bases.

This aircraft, BuNo 146891 / RM-10, was seen at Iruma AFB in Japan on 17 November 1963. (Copyright © Gaëtan Marie)
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In 1965, the Golden Hawks began operating the EF-10B Skyknight in addition to the RF-8 Crusader, to counter the growing SAM threat over Vietnam. The photo-recon Crusaders were eventually replaced by RF-4B Phantom II and the EF-10B by the EA-6A.

VMCJ-1 was disestablished in 1975.

Models used:

RF-8A 1958-1967


RM 1958-1967