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Squadron history :

Air Development Squadron Three was established in November 1948 and tasked with evaluating new and existing naval aircraft, equipment and methods and also developing tactics and procedures for these.

This aircraft, BuNo 143706 was one of the first F8U-1 operated by the squadron. Notice that the rudder is not painted white as was usually the practice with early Crusaders. (Copyright © Gaëtan Marie)
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Given this assignment, it is not surprising that VX-3 was one of the first units to receive the F8U-1 in December 1956, and was the first to operate the type in April 1957, from USS F. D. Roosevelt. VX-3 was the first unit to qualify for carrier operations but several aircraft were lost in accidents, in several cases killing their pilots.

VX-3 also wrote Crusader history on June 6, 1957, when Capt. Dosé and LCdr. Miller flew a distance of 2200 miles from the USS Bon Homme Richard off the west coast to the USS Saratoga on the east coast in a record 3 hours and 28 minutes.

This VX-3 Crusader is being hoisted on board USS Roosevelt in March 1957 to undergo carrier qualifications. (Photo: USN)

VX-3 continued operating the Crusader, evaluating various systems, weapons and tactics before the unit was disbanded in March 1960.

Crusader models used:

F-8A December 1956 - March 1960
F-8B ? - March 1960


XC to late 1957
JC from late 1957