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VX-4 "Vanguards" / "Evaluators"

Squadron history :

Air Test and Evaluation Squadron Four was established in 1950 and was mostly responsible for evaluating guided air-lauched missiles and establishing operational procedures for these. It began using the Crusader in the late 1950s and operated practically every version of it until the 1970s.

F-8H 147904 of VX-4 "Evaluators" at Point Mugu NMC, 25 october 1971. VX-4 was initially responsible for testing and evaluating the Sparrow AAM but rapidly moved on to other weapons programs as well. . (Copyright © Gaëtan Marie)
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Operating from NAS Point Mugu, the Evaluators tested the Sidewinder, but also the Zuni rocket and Bullpup missile, as well as other Crusader equipment.

VX-4 was disestablished in 1994.