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Here is a photo gallery of the F-8 Crusader. Most of the pictures available here were found on the Internet. Visitors are invited to help build this gallery by sharing any photographs they have of the Crusader. Click on the thumbnails to view the full-size images. Please note that some of these are actually quite large files and may take some time to open.

A left front view of a VMF-334 F-8C Crusader aircraft parked on the flight line at MCAS El Toro. 18 March 1966. (USMC/Corp. J. Costello)
An F-8E Crusader (BuNo 150328) of VMF(AW)-235 at Da Nang, South Vietnam, in April 1966. (USAF)
Four Vought F8U-1 Crusader of VMF-312 Checkerboards in 1960. Pictured in US Navy Naval Aviation News, December 1960. (USN)
An F-8J Crusader from VF-194 Red Lightnings intercepts a Soviet Tupolev Tu-95 Bear-A/B reconnaissance aircraft near USS Oriskany on 25 May 1974. (USN/Lt. Fessenden)
Carrier Air Wing 5 planes on USS Ticonderoga in early 1966 during a deployment to Vietnam. Visible on the flight deck and starboard elevator are 3 F-8E Crusaders from VF-51 (BuNo 149152) and VF-53 (BuNo 150853 and 150863) as well as two Skyraiders from VA-52. F-8E BuNo 149152 was damaged by AAA and shot down by a MiG-17 on 21 June 1966. (USN/Lee Noland)
An F-8H Crusader (BuNo 148678) of VF-111 Sundowners, Attack Carrier Air Wing Sixteen (CVW-16), on the forward elevator of the aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) in 1969 during a deployment to Vietnam. (USN/Chester O. Morris)
F8U-1 Crusaders of VF-124 Gunfighters at NAS Miramar in the early 1960s. Featured in US Navy Naval Aviation News April 1962 (USN)
F-8 Crusaders of CVG-8 fly over the USS Forrestal circa August 1962. The aircraft depicted are an RF-8A (BuNo 146895) of VFP-62 and two F-8C (BuNos 146932 and 145592) of VF-103, armed with AIM-9B Sidewinder missiles. (USN/Robert M. Cieri)
F-8D BuNo 148660 of VF-154 in the early 1960s. BuNo 148660 was later converted to an F-8H and crashed after experiencing fuel system problems during a CAP mission on 12 August 1970 over Vietnam. At that time it was assigned to VF-162, CVW-8, aboard USS Shangri-La. The pilot ejected and was picked up by helicopter. (USN)
Two F-8J Crusader of VF-191 in 1974/75. VF-191 was assigned to CVW-19 aboard USS Oriskany. (USN/Bill Zobel)
A formation of F-8J Crusaders of VF-194 (BuNos 149175, 149177, 149182, 150340, 150347, and 150868) in 1971. VF-194 was assigned to CVW-19 aboard USS Oriskany in 1971. BuNo. 150868 crashed on 21 June 1971. (USN)
An F-8K Crusader (BuNo 147016) of VC-1 in 1970. Featured in U.S. Navy Naval Aviation News, May 1970. (USN)
F8U-2 Crusaders of VMF-333 preparing to launch from the deck of USS Forrestal, ca. 1960. Featured in U.S. Navy Naval Aviation News February 1961. (USN)
An F-8J (BuNo 150918) of VF-24, CVW-21, landing on the USS Hancock (CVA-19) in the early 1970s. It is armed with a AIM-9D Sidewinder. (USN/Pete Sakaris)