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VC-4 / VU-4 "Dragon Flyers"


Squadron history :

VJ-4 was an antisubmarine and rescue squadron during World War 2 which was redesignated VU-4 after the war and tasked with fleet support, training pilots, gunners and radar operators in air-to-air and sea-to-air weapons training.

The squadron received its first F8U-1 in August 1961 at MCAS Beaufort. In 1964, the improved F-8C replaced the earlier Crusaders. The Crusader's high performance, combined with the introduction of improved equipment such as the Delmar target, allowed the squadron to provide high performance and realistic threats to its "clients".

A detachment (Detachment ALFA) was formed at NAS Cecil Field in July 1964. It was used to provide continuous courrier services between Guantanamo Bay and the US during the Cuban Crisis.

VU-4 was redesignated VC-4 on July 1st, 1965. It was then tasked with Replacement Pilot Training on the F-8. In 1969, the squadron transitioned to the F-8K model.

VC-4 was disbanded on April 30, 1971.

Crusader models used:

F-8A August 1961 - May 1964
F-8C May 1964 - Spring 1969
F-8K Spring 1969 - April 1971