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F-8 Crusader Walk Around

Ed Barthelmes
color by Don Greer and Darren Glenn
illustrated by David Gebhardt

Squadron-Signal's "Walk Around" and "In Action" series have always been good basic reference and this title is as good as the rest of the collection. It is good for modellers or artists such as yours truly, giving a good general description of the Crusader.

The book is in the usual landscape softcover format of 80 pages containing more than 180 pictures and 12 colour profiles. All external features of the Crusader are presented, as well as the landing gear and cockpit. The Crusaders operated by France and the Philippines are also presented with good colour pictures.

Those who need extremely detailled reference about the Crusader will probably find the book too short, but that has always been the point of the "Walk Around" and "In Action" series: a solid yet synthetic description of the subject aircraft.

The last advantage of the book is that it is rather cheap and can be found in the $10-12 range. I haven't looked around, but used copies can probably be purchased for less than that.


ISBN 0-89747-484-8
Date of Publication 2005
Format 11 x 8.3 x 0.5 inches
Number of pages 80
Illustrations 180+ photographs, 12 colour profiles