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Crusader Profiles


Here is a gallery of all Crusader profiles I've done to date. All can be purchased as high quality prints. Click here for more information.

US Navy - US Marine Corps - France - Philippines - Other

US Navy
USN F-8A, F8U-1 Prototype

USN F-8A, VC-8, NAS Roosevelt Roads

USN F-8A, VF-11, Lt Kryway, USS Roosevelt, 1961
USN F-8A, VF-11, USS Roosevelt, 1960
USN F-8A, VF-32, CAG Bird, USS Saratoga, 1958
USN F-8A, VF-32, NAS Cecil Field, 1957
USN F-8A, VF-211, NAS Miramar, 1957
USN F-8A, VT-86, NAS Glynco
USN F-8A, VU-2, 1962
USN F-8A, VU-5, NAF Atsugi, 1962
USN F-8A, VX-3, NAS Atlantic City, 1956
USN F-8B, last production Bravo
USN F-8B, US Naval Test Pilot School, July 1968
USN F-8B, VF-33, USS Independence, 1960
USN F-8C, VC-4
USN F-8C, VC-5, NAF Atsugi, 1966
USN F-8C, VF-13, NAS Cecil Field
USN F-8C, VF-24, USS Hancock, 1966
USN F-8C, VF-84, CAG Bird, USS Independence
USN F-8C, VF-84, USS Independence
USN F-8C, VF-111, NAS Miramar
USN F-8D, VC-10, NAS Cecil Field, 1967
USN F-8D, VF-33, NAS Cecil Field, 1967
USN F-8D, VF-111, USS Midway, 1965
USN F-8D, VF-154, USS Coral Sea, 1965
USN F-8E, VF-11, USS Roosevelt
USN F-8E, VF-32, USS Saratoga, 1965
USN F-8E, VF-51, Andrews AFB, Aug 1966
USN F-8E, VF-53, USS Ticonderoga, 1966
USN F-8E, VF-62, USS Shangri-La, 1966
USN F-8E, VF-162, Miramar, December 1966
USN F-8E, VF-191, Miramar, 1967
USN F-8E, VF-191, NAS Lemoore, Jun 1966
USN F-8E, VF-211, Cdr Harold Marr, 12 June 1966
USN F-8H, VF-24, USS Hancock, 1968
USN F-8H, VF-111, NAF Atsugi, 1970
USN F-8H, VF-162, USS Shangri-La, 1970
USN F-8H, VF-661, NAS Cecil Field, 1968
USN F-8H, VF-703, NAS Dallas, 1968
USN F-8H, VF-931, NAS Cecil Field, 1968
USN F-8H, VX-4, Point Mugu, 1971
USN F-8J, VF-24, Alameda
USN F-8J, VF-24, CAG, NAS Miramar, Feb 1974
USN F-8J, VF-53, USS Bon Homme Richard
USN F-8J, VF-194, USS Oriskany, 1975
USN F-8J, VF-211, May 1972
USN F-8J, VF-211, USS Hancock, May 1972
USN F-8J, VF-301, Miramar NAS
USN F-8J, VF-302, NAS Miramar, 1971
USN F-8J, VFP-63, El Paso IAP, 1980
USN F-8J, VFP-63, NAS Miramar, 1975
USN F-8K, US Naval Test Pilot School, NAS Patuxent River, 1972
USN F-8K, VC-2, NAS Oceana
USN F-8K, VC-10, NAS Guantanamo Bay
USN F-8L, VF-34W1, NAS Willow Grove, 1970

USN RF-8A, Project Bullet, J. Glenn, 1957

USN RF-8A, VFP-62, Cdr Ecker, NAS Key West, 1962



USMC F-8A, VFM-122, MCAS Yuma, 1960
USMC F-8A, VMF-215, NAS Olathe
USMC F-8B, VMF-122, MCAS Beaufort, 1962
USMC F-8B, VMF-232, NAF Atsugi, 1962
USMC F-8B, VMF-251, USS Shangri-La, 1962
USMC F-8C, VMF-334, 1966
USMC F-8C, VMF-334, MCAS El Toro, 1961
USMC F-8D, VMF(AW)-212, MCAS Kaneohe Bay, 1967
USMC F-8D, VMF(AW)-235, NAS Atsugi, 1965
USMC F-8D, VMF(AW)-451, NAF Atsugi, 1963
USMC F-8E, VMF(AW)-235, Da Nang, Capt. J. Highbee
USMC F-8E, VMF(AW)-312, Da Nang, 1966
USMC F-8E, VMF(AW)-312, NAS Miramar
USMC F-8E, VMF(AW)-323, NAF Atsugi, 1963
USMC F-8E, VMF(AW)-333, Capt Corbett, MCAS Yuma, 1967
USMC F-8H, MARTD Dallas, CO MAG-41
USMC F-8H, VMF(AW)-112, NAS Dallas, 1975
USMC F-8K, VMF-321, Andrews AFB, 1972
USMC F-8K, VMF-351, NAS Atlanta, 1971
USMC F-8K, VMF-351, NAS Atlanta, 1976
USMC F-8L, VMF-321, NAF Washington
USMC F-8L, VMF-511, NAS Willow Grove, 1974
USMC RF-8A, VMCJ-1, Iruma AFB, 1963
USMC RF-8A, VMCJ-2, NAF Guantanamo, 1962


Aé F-8E(FN) n°7, 12.F
Aé F-8E(FN) n°17, 14.F, 1973
Aé F-8E(FN) n°30, 12.F, Landivisiau, 1982
Aé F-8E(FN) n°32, 12.F, England, 1981
Aé F-8E(FN) n°34, 12.F
Aé F-8P n°3, 12.F, Landivisiau, 1994
Aé F-8P n°10, 12.F, MAE, 2002
Aé F-8P n°11, 12.F, 1999 last flight colours
Aé F-8P n°35, Savigny-les-Beaune B
Aé F-8P n°35, Savigny-les-Beaune B


PhAF F-8H 314 47044, 7th FS, Basa AFB, 1978
PhAF F-8H 316/48628


NASA F-8C, DFBW, 802
Thunderbird Aviation F-8K, 1990